Welcome to Hormonia, cruel and trivial land of nubile emotions, including the film Did you catch? delivers a new educational guide. Schoolboys, cute 14-year-old giraffes (we will not let anyone say that this is not the worst age of life), whose pheromones shudder at the passage of the opposite sex, offer themselves the services of a comrade to instill in them the basics of seduction. As a classroom and almost monodecor turquoise: the changing rooms of the swimming pool, place of the quintessential vulnerability of the bodies housed in the unique sign of the swimsuit. The challenge is always to make a little grace out of even the ingratitude of the hormonal combusting age. To try your hand at cooking a generational mixture in the old pot of teen movie, conducive to all updates since it records manners subject to accelerated obsolescence – like the sabir spoken by the gang of non-professional actors who consent with more or less ease to pastiche their customs. The left bank loves in The Kooples perfecto in LOL and the surges of sebum from Rennes Beautiful Kids, that was already over ten years ago. so here’s Did you catch?, possible photograph of a generation which digests the teachings of the #MeToo sequence, which professes to the image the end of Photoshop masquerades on the body, distills a chaste dose of homosexuality in the background for good measure and deviates little from the traditional theme of the virgin’s revenge. A utopia of mutual aid between the sexes floats within this benevolent pedagogy toolbox, a nice dialectic of the ass and the ass which aims less to deny its characters than the spectators out of tender age, curious to see how the young people these days.

Sandra Onana

Did you catch? d’Adeline Picault with Paul Kircher, Inès d’Assomption, Ramzy Bedia… 1 h 38.