Waiting for the new episode of Temptation Island, the latest rumors about the couple formed by Annamaria and Antonio arrive.

Tonight, Tuesday 28 July 2020, on Channel 5 will on air a new crackling date with Temptation Island where we will find out what they decide to do Annamaria Laino e Antonio Martello. Recall, in fact, that the previous episode ended with the first part of the comparison bonfire of the couple Neapolitan.

How did it end between Antonio and Annamaria? The latest rumors about the Temptation Island couple

Anna Maria e Antonio yes. I am left after comparison bonfire a Temptation Island? A little bit of Il Vicolo delle news has revealed a detail that makes it clear how it could have really gone between the two: “Unfortunately I don’t have a picture but on Sunday I saw Antonio in Salerno at the Acapulco beach. He was with two friends. I was leaving I saw him at the last minute. […] She was without Annamaria “. Apparently the boy was at the beach without his partner. Will it be a sufficient clue to lead us to believe that they have left the program separately? We’ll see.

Tonight will the fifth episode aired of the temptation reality show and finally we will discover the fate of Anna Maria e Antonio. Recall that the woman, after yet another video about her boyfriend with the temptress Ilaria, asked the early confrontation bonfire: “You killed me, you have been a pig for two weeks. You only had sex, you thought only sex. […] You keep testosterone up to about, testosterone has passed you. Lorenzo had to chase her away. You see me as a mom, like the one who gives you a place to sleep. You kept me because I didn’t make you miss’ nothing but you have no form of love towards me “.

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Antoniofor her part, she said she understood all the mistakes made, and that she got the wrong idea: “I have never crossed a certain limit. I always said that you are the perfect woman, you are the woman I love. Yesterday I heard your voice and I was moved”. “Now you see how much you sucked. You evaded the cameras, the microphones, you touched underwater, you exchanged numbers. What did you say?” he promptly replied Anna Maria showing him one of many video in which he was with the single Ilaria. And so ended the first part of the bonfire of confusion.

To find out what will happen between the two we just have to wait for the new episode of Temptation Island, on air tonight in early evening its Channel 5.

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