Did María O’Donell reveal who won the Masterchef final?

The participants have a confidentiality contract, and no one can tell anything before the episode airs. It is more than prohibited and the punishments are economic, therefore hermetic silence.

Yet on the Friday morning radio show Urbana PlayO’Donnell’s teammates were able to get an interesting piece of information from him. The driver tried to avoid the questions of her companions but there was one that was impossible to hide. His colleagues noticed that he was hoarse.

“Are you hoarse because you celebrated?”They asked him, noting that he had yelled a lot. Maria’s answer was a resounding “yes”. Will the journalist have won?

Scandal with Andrea Rincón in the final?

Andrea Rincon starred in an unpleasant moment for everyone present. It turns out that the former participants of this second edition were invited to attend the event, as well as some of the first such as Analía Franchín: runner-up and figure of Telefe Currently, he is part of the staff of the program Florence Peña, “Team flower”. And the problem seems to have been with her.

According to the journalist Fernando Piaggio in your account Twitter, “Andrea Rincón flew into a rage during the recording of the final of the program. She did not like the location they gave her, and out of anger after shouting against everyone she sat squat in the place of Analía Franchín”, with the hashtag # MasterEscándalo.

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