Anna and Andrea together after the confrontation in Temptation Island? The latest rumors about the couple.

L’last episode of the seventh edition of Temptation Island will broadcast tomorrow, Thursday 30 July 2020, and will be full of twists. Among the couples still in play there are Andrea Battistelli e Anna Boschetti which, according to the latest rumors, it seems they came out together from the program.

Andrea and Anna together after Temptation Island?

Tomorrow will air the latest episode of Temptation Island in which we will discover the fate of the last three couples still in the game. Among these is also the couple made up of Andrea e Anna, which really seem to be in crisis especially for the behavior assumed by the woman with the tempter Carlo. In fact Anna has implemented one strategy to try to convince his partner to have a child together.

In the last hours, however, the Vicolo news portal has reported a new one reporting on Boschetti, who made a social gesture that may have unveiled theirs destination a Temptation Island. One user revealed that Anna it seems that a fanpage dedicated to Andrea. A unexpected gesture which immediately made us think that the two could have left the program together after the final confrontation bonfire.

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The advances of Temptation Island reveal that the comparison bonfire between Anna e Andrea it will be really hot. The young Roman will get his girlfriend cornered by showing her several videos in which he has behaved really too much over the top. Will Boschetti be able to make up for it? To find out, we just have to wait for the sixth and final episode of temptation reality show.

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