There aren’t many things in life that are free. Unless you have a copy of the cube-based roguelike survival city builder Dice Legacybecause in this case there is great news.

The winning title of the gamescom award in the “Most Original Game” category receives a new game mode that is now available as a free update for all PC players. The update will of course also follow very soon for all Switch players.

This is the second major free update for Dice Legacy. Forging a Realm offers a completely different gaming experience than the regular mode, which is now called Escaping Fate.

The new mode is unlocked after the players have survived the first winter and is available as soon as the game has been played through at least once.

In Dice Legacy you slip into the role of a young king in a mysterious ring world. People expect guidance, but they don’t trust the king – not yet. It has to be earned by fulfilling their increasingly difficult demands – and failure is not an option.

Main features of the new Forging a Realm mode:

  • Economically oriented Dice-Legacy-Experience that increases the variety of games.
  • New, randomly generated map with parameters specially developed for this mode.
  • Increasingly difficult tasks that must be solved in order to win the game.
  • Five levels of difficulty that enable either a relaxed or a fast-paced experience.
  • The ability to change the experience thanks to reminders after completing the new mode.

Dice Legacy on Steam:

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