DGS updates rule for mask use

The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) updated, this Thursday, the guidance on the mandatory and recommended use of a mask, considering that its use remains an “important measure” to contain infections by SARS-CoV-2. . One of the changes concerns the clarification on the mandatory use of a mask when accessing public transport, such as airports and covered platforms for access to the metro or train.

“Despite the high vaccination coverage in Portugal, the use of masks in the community is an effective measure in preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and thus remains an important measure to contain the infection, especially in environments and populations with greater risk. for infection”, says the document signed by the director-general Graça Freitas.

The guideline recalls that Portugal has been eliminating most restrictive measures to respond to the pandemic, with the mandatory use of a mask in interior spaces remaining in force, which has become “the subject of a new framework” already approved by the Government.

In this sense, the DGS indicates that The use of a surgical mask or FFP2 is mandatory for anyone over 10 years of age in health establishments and services, including community pharmacies, as well as in residential or reception structures and home support services for vulnerable populations, the elderly or people with disabilities , as well as in the continuous care units integrated.

The mask is still mandatory in collective passenger transport, including air, taxis and TVDE, and on platforms and covered accesses to public transport, such as airports, maritime terminals and metro and train networks.

People who are confirmed cases of covid-19 in all circumstances, whenever they are outside their place of isolation until the tenth day after the onset of symptoms or positive testas well as contacts with confirmed cases of infection for 14 days after the date of the last exposure.

Most vulnerable people should use

The guideline published today advances that the recommendation for the use of masks for the most vulnerable people, namely with chronic diseases or immunosuppression states with increased risk for severe covid-19, is maintained, whenever they are in a situation of increased risk of exposure.

Its use is also recommended by people who have contact with others who are more vulnerable, as well as by “anyone over the age of 10 whenever they are in closed environments, in clusters”.

“To ensure the use of the mask in all the circumstances provided for in this guideline, and whenever the person considers that its use is justified, it is recommended that anyone wear a surgical mask or FFP2, whenever they move or circulate. outside the place of usual residence or stay”, the document adds.

The DGS also updated the guidance on public health measures in the context of the covid-19 pandemic, adapting it to the new rules for the use of masks, and underlining that “it is the responsibility of each one to adopt behaviors that minimize the risk of transmission. of the virus”.



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