Do you know Laura Freilang and Sara Doorsoun? No? Well, you are probably not entirely alone in this. The striker and the defender have certainly not yet been identified as the formative personalities of the German women’s national soccer team.

When a multi-part documentary series about the DFB women has recently emerged, national goalkeeper Merle Frohms spontaneously thinks of these two names, the “appear more on the scene” than others; and if everything goes well, with a view to the EM 2022 in England, the main roles could even grow into hero roles.

Since the beginning of the year, cameras from a large film and television company have been part of the German soccer team. A team is presented in the documentary “Corners and edges, with ups and downs” Director Martina Hansel promises. “We turn on the lights for great personalities.

Rooted in real life

They also want to consciously tackle social issues: “Our story is bigger than football “, said Hansel. The aim is to show how national players master the double burden of school, study and work – or how Frohms’ competitor Almuth Schult, for example, masters her burden as a twin mom.

Visits to Melanie Leupolz, who plays in London, or Sara Däbritz, who works in Paris, are planned, or even a detour to the women’s national team in Israel, where Germany competes in the World Cup qualifiers.

It is not yet clear where the six one-hour episodes of the first season will be broadcast – they are still in the marketing and financing phase, it was said on Tuesday (14.09.2021) at the digital press conference from the old town in Dresden, where the DFB Women prepare for the first World Cup qualifiers against Bulgaria in Cottbus (Saturday 16.05 / ARD) and against Serbia in Chemnitz (Tuesday 4 p.m.).

The national coach is on fire

National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg knows that the fight for more media presence can only be won if the protagonists do their part. “The market is there – and we have to get in there. We have values ​​that are worth looking at: authentic, professional, attractive”, emphasized the 53-year-old recently at the sports business congress (Spobis) in Düsseldorf.

She is convinced of the project. “If the work would suffer, we wouldn’t do it. We have nothing to hide. We want to show that we are cool.” A first trailer allegedly moved those involved to tears.

The line remains between staging and authenticity

However, she also admitted that no pictures go outside that the association does not release. And so the line remains thin: There are few doubts about the trainer’s authenticity, but are the players really acting freely? Often enough, such productions resulted in pure marketing vehicles for men, which operated an ‘ideal world staging’ – and provided the viewer with noticeably little friction surface.

For example, in the film about the 2006 World Cup summer fairy tale, when a discussion between Michael Ballack and Torsten Frings alone conveyed a hint of dissent. Martina Hansel does not want to ignore any conflicts, but she also admitted that she and her crew would “Access to the cabin has yet to be worked out”.

Merle Frohms speaks of the mega project

The European Championship in England next summer will be particularly exciting, where a certain pressure to succeed is on the German footballers after the disappointing quarter-finals at the 2019 World Cup and 2017 European Championship. But even the goalkeeper Merle Frohms, who is not in the limelight, welcomes the fact that the filmmakers are now getting on board.

It’s a mega project, we all have stories to tell. ” And the shooting will definitely not be a burden, believes the number one from Eintracht Frankfurt: “The EM is incentive enough. We all have a mission. A documentary about it is a nice add-on.” If the cooperation goes well, everyone involved will not rule out a second season for the 2023 World Cup in Australia / New Zealand.

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