AThe Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was alarmed by the rising number of corona infections in Germany. “The latest developments in the number of cases make me and everyone at the Robert Koch Institute very concerned,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler to journalists in Berlin on Tuesday. “We are in the middle of a rapidly developing pandemic,” he warned. “We have to prevent the virus from spreading again rapidly and uncontrollably.”

In Germany, 3611 new infections were reported by the health authorities in the past seven days, on Monday alone there were 633. At the beginning of July, the number of cases reported daily was between 300 and 500. These numbers showed that the virus could be contained. “However, the AHA rules must be observed for this,” Wieler warned several times. AHA stands for “distance, hygiene, everyday masks”. You have to keep to this for months, the same applies to concepts in companies.

Wieler: “Have become careless”

As Ute Rexroth from the RKI reported, the places of infection could be “really everywhere”. There were reports of infections at family celebrations, weddings, meetings with friends, but there were also outbreaks at work, in communal accommodation and care facilities. Returned travelers were also affected, but the majority were infected in Germany. A rise could be quick, warned Rexroth. “Prevention is definitely better than reaction. At Covid-19 you run after the outbreaks. You cannot catch all cases, however eager you are. “

Whether the increase in the number of cases in the past few days is the beginning of a possible second wave is unknown, said Wieler. “Of course it can be.” The increase shows “that we have become careless”. Celebrating at thousands of parties is “ruthless” and “negligent,” he said. And reasonable behavior is also required on vacation.

“Aerosols are everywhere in minutes”: A researcher on the risk of infection.

With regard to the planned return to regular school activities after the summer holidays, Wieler said that opening schools is important, but under certain rules. “We expect certain epidemiological concepts.” For example, the pupils should not mix too much during breaks and on the way to school. Instead, “units” have to be formed and measures that can be planned, such as quick tests in the event of suspicion, must be implemented before school starts.

RKI President Wieler summarized that 16.2 million cases and 650,000 deaths have been reported worldwide since the pandemic began. The number of new cases reported every day is increasing “strongly”. More than half of the reports of new infections in the past seven days come from North and South America, in Europe mainly from the Balkans. Wieler pointed out that some countries, in which the pandemic already seemed to have been overcome, also reported increasing numbers of cases. The RKI president cited the reason that individual protective measures were no longer adequately followed. As a result, local restrictions would increase again worldwide. He cited the tightening of the mask requirement in Austria as examples.