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But with IE6, MS won the first browser wars, and innovation on the browser came to a halt.

Part of the reason for this was that Microsoft tried to properly support the “new” HTML standards with IE6. A lot of unfixed HTML standards were put in IE6. This after Microsoft (somewhat rightly) got the wind from the front with IE4 and 5, that they were walking their own path.

Subsequently, after the release of IE6, a lot of the HTML spec was changed. Many features have been renamed, dropped or postponed. Mozilla, Sun and Opera have been lobbying the W3 massively to thwart Microsoft. Partly because many new standards came from Microsoft, and of course that was not allowed. Microsoft’s influence had to be minimized.

IE6 is the only browser from that time that scores HTML5 points. Because a lot of HTML5 was suggested years before and has been left on the shelf. Also so that many standards that were proposed by Microsoft could be converted so that they no longer came from Microsoft. IE6 is almost HTML5 compliant, the problem is that many features are called differently or are implemented slightly differently so that IE6 does not score the points it could score.

Because of this, when going back to battle with IE8,9 and 11, Microsoft has been very careful about implementing HTML standards that have not yet been established. Which was quite hypocritical of Mozilla when they were promoting that their DOES support certain HTML standards. Google did the same, but wasn’t involved yet when the battle started.

A very dirty game has been played from the competition from Microsoft, which has ensured that the entire market went into a hole and lagged behind for many years.



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