/dev: Illaoi in „Project L“

With help from our core IP Strategy team, I’ve written a short synopsis that sums up what makes Illaoi so special and what players around the world love about her.

Illaoi is the herald of truth from Nagakabouros, the deity of life, sea storms and movement. She is often depicted as a colossal octopus. Illaoi and her people hail from the Serpent Isles, an archipelago that also includes Bilgewater and her home island of Buhru.

In League of Legends, Illaoi’s gameplay focuses on testing individuals for their worthiness. To do this, she uses a golden artifact called the Eye of the God. Using this massive idol, she rips the soul away from her opponent and summons spectral tentacles to slash at them repeatedly.

In our lore, those who survive Nagakabouros’ trial are deemed worthy and free to pursue their true purpose in life. All others are left to their own devices, having failed the test and thus standing in the way of the natural flow of the universe. Not everyone survives this experience.

With all this information, we have determined Illaoi’s core aspect as: “A powerful and charismatic spiritual leader who inspires others to be an unstoppable force themselves.” She commands attention and commands with her physical presence and confident, determined manner them every room.

Based on the brief description, I then worked with the other leads, e.g. B. design and art, worked on a fixed point for their development process. This is how we ensure that Illaoi is instantly recognizable, even in a genre she hasn’t appeared in before. Also, and more importantly, we used the info to research ways to make her legend even bigger. A fighter is just the ideal environment for Illaoi to thrive.

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Now that we had a clear picture of her in mind, we could make sure that anyone who was already somewhat familiar with her saw the character they loved. At the same time, we gave the development team the opportunity to bring even their most devoted fans a version that would blow their socks off. Or, in her case, grabs them by the ankles with magical tentacles and shakes and shakes and shakes.

Personally, I love what Illaoi has become since we made her for League of Legends in 2015. While she’s not one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, I think it’s obvious how Illaoi’s combination of ready-for-work fists, devoted heart, and cheerful demeanor (along with all the new experiences we’ve got our hands on the player can lay) make her an absolute superstar in “Project L”.


Mike „zatransis“ Henry, Creative Director:

Once the narrative team has given us a good understanding of a champion, we move on to the champ’s appearance. There is so much more to give to a champion when you know who they are. Especially when we compare all of the visual quirks – which Illaoi has more than enough of.

Some of our champions are destined to be modified slightly, while others would make little sense to drastically change their appearance. When we started working on Illaoi, we knew she fell into the latter category.

She has a truly unique look: tall, muscular and imposing. In addition, she is joyful, spiritual and likes to challenge others to live their lives to the fullest. And all of these things we had to reflect in her looks.

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Illaoi’s physique is quite unique among League of Legends champions, and we’ve drawn inspiration from many athletes, most notably weightlifters and shot putters. Mostly women who find lifting heavy things as easy as Illaoi with her massive weapon.



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