Determining the election result could take months

Increasingly in campaign mode: America’s President Donald Trump.
Bild: AP

In the past few days, the American president had repeatedly shocked with statements about the upcoming election. Now he spoke of the fact that the result could be months in coming.

AAmerica’s President Donald Trump has said it is possible that the final result of the presidential election on November 3rd will be months away. The reason he gave on Friday local time was the counting of the postal votes. It is very unlikely that the winner will be determined on election night, said Trump at a campaign event in Newport News, Virginia. “You may not find out for months because it’s a mess.”

Most recently, Trump had expressed the expectation that the election may only be decided by the Supreme Court. He repeatedly emphasizes that postal voting, which is likely to be heavily used this year due to the Corona crisis, is increasing election fraud. He has not yet provided any evidence for this. According to polls, more Democrats want to cast their votes by postal vote than Republicans. Trump’s campaign team has filed lawsuits in several states to restrict postal votes.