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The number of ametropia has increased significantly in Austria in recent years. The 25 to 29 year olds in particular are increasingly suffering from impaired vision. There are many reasons for this, for most experts the main reason is the enormous consumption of smartphones, tablets or TV. responsible. In order to be able to enjoy a full perspective again, many use glasses or contact lenses. Many people with ametropia want more comfort, without having to clean their glasses and buy lenses and the like. The solution is offered by new, precise surgical methods.

60% of all children suffer from myopia

International researchers and doctors are sounding the alarm: the number of children with myopia is increasing rapidly. This trend is also confirmed in Lower Austria, as many ophthalmologists explain. In neighboring Germany, the University Hospital Mainz examined 15,000 people in the Guttenberg health study with astonishing results.

More than 60% of all those examined with high school diploma suffered from short-sightedness and have to think about which glasses to combine with what from an early age. An Australian research group found possible causes for this back in 2012. Her study showed that working close to a screen contributes to the deterioration of eyesight. Small deviations can be compensated with the help of glasses or suitable contact lenses. However, in sports or in the active everyday life of children and young people, both options can be disruptive.

The possible solution: laser treatments. This not only successfully combats or improves glaucoma. The innovative treatment methods are also suitable for younger people aged 18 and over. The advantage: There is hardly any downtime.

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Depending on the degree of ametropia, different laser methods are used to achieve the best possible result: LASEK, No Touch/TE PRK for surface treatments and Z-LASIK, Femto-LASIK, Relex Smile 3D for deep treatments. The procedure itself takes about 60-90 minutes. Afterwards, the eyes should have some rest to regenerate. Wearing sunglasses when staying outside in direct sunlight also supports the healing process.

Tip: Avoid short-sightedness in children – less display and more nature

The ametropia can often be corrected in young adults over the age of 18 using an innovative laser method. So that it doesn’t get that far in the first place or the ametropia is significantly reduced, children should put away their smartphones or tablets much more often.

The Federal Ministry of Health also confirmed the international trend, as the number of short-sighted children has increased significantly. Therefore, ophthalmologists recommend parents: Keep the children away from the screen more often and instead create enterprising incentives in nature. The fresh air is not only good for the body, but also relaxes the mind and eyes.

80% of all visual impairments are preventable with early detection

The Austrian Ophthalmological Society is convinced that the majority of all visual impairments are avoidable. If they are recognized in time, the emerging trend could be reversed again.

The main causes of ametropia in advanced age are undetected diseases, such as diabetes. The permanent increase in the blood sugar level leads undetected to the formation of constant foci of inflammation in the body, often affecting the eyes as well. Studies show that nine out of ten type 1 diabetes patients suffer from retinal changes. In the case of type 2 diabetes, it is even more than 50% of all those affected.

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Tips for improved eye health

Simple tips are enough to improve eye health. Above all, the increasing digital work ensures that the eyes dry out faster and are often tense. Regular blinking helps keep the eyes naturally hydrated.

Regular breaks from the screen are also beneficial. Parents should also consider what applies to children, because they too often sit in front of the PC for several hours a day. Adequate hydration is also essential for eye health. Our body consists mostly of water. In addition, an unbalanced diet can lead to diseases such as diabetes, which also endanger eye health.

Alcohol and tobacco are poison, and not just for the eyes

Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol is also dangerous for the eyes. Drinking alcohol more often increases the risk of cataracts. This also increases the risk of cataracts or macular degeneration. Alcohol deprives the body of countless nutrients. If they are not consistently balanced, the persistent deficiency can lead to weakening of the eyesight.

Tobacco use can damage not only the lungs but also the eyes. Tobacco disrupts blood flow, which can be reflected in a faster aging lens. Some research has shown that smokers with a high tobacco consumption often experience higher intraocular pressure.

Vitamins indispensable for the eyes

In order to maintain eye health for as long as possible, some vitamins are essential. For example, vitamins C and A reduce the risk of developing cataracts (regenerative effect on the metabolism). Omega-3 fatty acids are not only essential for the brain, but also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the eyes, protecting them from drying out.

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