Details from secret document?: Trump probably boasted of knowledge about Macron’s sex life

Secret document details?
Trump probably boasted of knowledge of Macron’s sex life

According to a media report, Trump allegedly revealed secrets about Macron’s love life. It is unclear where he got the intimate information from the French president. However, a connection to the confiscated secret documents on his property in Mar-a-Lago is possible.

Donald Trump reportedly boasted to close associates that he had information about Emmanuel Macron’s love life from secret documents. According to a report by the American magazine “Rolling Stone”, material from the French president was among the documents seized by the FBI in Mar-a-Lago in early August. The file, labeled “Information on: President of France,” is closed.

It is unclear whether the former US president has the information about Macron’s private life from the confiscated documents. However, according to the report, on several occasions – both during and after his tenure in the White House – he bragged to close aides that the details came from classified documents. Trump allegedly spoke of “indecent” behavior by the French president, “who doesn’t know much,” two unnamed sources told the US magazine.

The existence of the classified classified information allegedly caused a “transatlantic freakout” between Washington and Paris. According to the report, both sides are working hard to find out what Trump may have found out about Macron in which secret documents.

A spokesman for the French embassy said: “We do not comment on court proceedings in the United States. The embassy has not asked the administration for information about the documents found at former President Trump’s residence.” When contacted, neither the US State Department nor Trump’s office would comment on the reports.

It is still unclear whether the documents on Macron found in Mar-a-Lago are classified or not. Nor is it the first time Trump has indulged in sleazy gossip about the private lives of foreign leaders. “It’s often hard to tell if he’s talking nonsense or not,” Rolling Stone quoted a source close to the former president as saying.

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