Another alarm from the Ministry of Health. In the viewfinder this time there are the “frozen frog legs“of the Fish & Frog brand. The recall of the product, packaged in cardboard with gross weight kg 10 – net weight kg 8, containing 10 bags gross weight 1 kg, weight kg 0.8, concerns the lot VN / 121 / IV / 505 expiring on 10/11/2022. The headquarters of the factory of origin of the frog legs is VIETNAM – Establishment DL 121. The reasons for the recall?

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The “presence of nitrofurans” for which the ministry clearly calls for the “destruction of the goods”. The use of nitrofurans, antibiotics whose prolonged use on laboratory animals has shown damage to genetic heritage and the appearance of tumors. Meanwhile, the ministry had already reported other foods: two batches of mussels cooked in the Taranto style and mussels cooked in a marinara style of the Marinsieme Idea and Aquolina brands, for “serious health risk of consumers due to acute toxicity hazard from algal biotoxins DSP (okadaic acid) (exceeding the acute reference dose of 160 micrograms / kg) “.

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And again: some batches of partially skimmed milk with different brands (Cadoro Ticonveni, Affresco Alta Levità, Blanc, Io Fvg, Latteria Cividale, Lessinia, and others) instead for a chemical risk, and two batches of three different flavors of Greek yogurt produced for Esselunga from the company Kri Kri SA for the possible “presence of ethylene oxide in one ingredient (carob seed flour) “.

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