Desired crime scene
A Til-Schweiger thriller runs on Sunday

“Crime scene: Welcome to Hamburg”: Nick Tschiller (Til Schweiger) heavily armed in the attic.

© NDR / Marion von der Mehden

Til Schweiger’s “crime scenes” garnered high audience figures, but also a lot of criticism. “Welcome to Hamburg” will be repeated on Sunday.

He had to take a lot of criticism for his first “crime scenes” – too much action, too much violence and the like. But the number of spectators confirmed Til Schweiger (56). In his opening thriller “Tatort: ​​Willkommen in Hamburg” (2013), 12.57 million tuned in on March 10, 2013 – at that time the highest number of viewers of a “Tatort” episode in almost 20 years. And his fans have chosen this successful thriller again in the program. As part of the Sunday crime summer break, the first shows the repetition on Sunday (August 2) at 8:15 p.m.

The crime story

The divorced police officer Nick Tschiller (Til Schweiger) has previously worked as a covert investigator at the LKA in Frankfurt and a member of a SEK. In order to take care of his 15-year-old daughter Lenny (Luna Schweiger) more intensively, he moves to the pubescent girl in Hamburg, because his ex-wife Isabella Schoppenroth (Stefanie Stappenbeck) wants to devote more time to her own career.

During his first assignment for the Hamburg LKA, the idiosyncratic investigator and his colleague Yalcin Gümmer (Fahri Yardim) stab a wasp nest during a routine apartment check. The apartment turns out to be a hiding place for underage prostitutes whose pimps are suddenly at the door. A brutal shootout ensues, in which three members of the dreaded Astan clan, with which the Hamburg police have apparently closed a kind of neighborhood peace, are killed.

The newcomer is immediately targeted by their own ranks. He has to face an internal investigation and justify prosecutor Hanna Lennerz (Edita Malovcic) who is investigating him. Did Nick actually kill in self defense? What did his former VE partner Max Brenner (Mark Waschke) have to do at the crime scene and what strange game is Brenner’s girlfriend Sandra Bieber (Mavie Hörbiger) doing? Tschiller is observed with great suspicion by his new colleagues, above all by his superior Holger Petretti (Tim Wilde) and his colleague Ines Kallwey (Britta Hammelstein). Only Yalcin Gümmer, who came to the hospital with a gunshot wound, supports his new partner from there.

Nick single-handedly takes up the fight against the pimp clan, which apparently has a firm grip on the Hamburg neighborhood with bribes, fear and violence. Firat Astan (Erdal Yildiz), head of the trafficking mafia, is in custody on suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering. But the clan’s power is unbroken …

Repeat requests for the 50th anniversary

The crime series to choose from – without the films already shown – will be available again after the broadcast on Sunday. You can only vote online. The desired “crime scene” repetitions run as part of the summer break until Sunday, August 30th. The first new premiere is scheduled for September 6th.