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Designation dispute intensified in CNDH

One day after the election of Ibarra Stone Rosary as the new head of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) on the part of the Senate, the dispute between the benches intensified: the opposition demands that the process be reinstated when considering fraud in the voting, while Brunette He concluded the subject and rejected any possibility of repeating it.

The lawsuit even added the Association of Governors of the National Action Party (Goan) who announced that the development in the Senate of the election of Rosario Stone As the elected president of the National Human Rights Commission it is extremely worrying and demanded that the appointment be repeated immediately.

In a statement, this organization, which brings together all the state leaders of the blue and white, explained that it is time to strengthen and not weaken the institutions.

“The presidency of that body should not have a stain. The presumption of fraud demands that the election be repeated immediately, ”the PAN leaders also said in their social network.

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Request session videos

The bench of National Action Party in the Senate Chamber Yesterday he asked the Board of Directors for a copy of the closed circuit videos of this Thursday's session, when the vote was taken to choose who will monitor that human rights in Mexico are fully fulfilled.

Mauricio Kuri, coordinator of National Action in the Upper House, sent a letter to the president of the Board of DirectorsMonica Fernandez in which he requested the receipt of the ballots and papers of yesterday's plenary session.

"Knowing that parliamentary services are the only ones in charge of delivering the cards to each senator, we request that the envelopes of the legislators who did not vote, be protected," added the blue and white.

The PANists insist that in the election process of the new ownership of the National Human Rights Commission there was a fraud and defends that during the vote last Thursday in the Senate, 116 votes were cast and not 114, as the Board of Directors counted, which allowed the proposal to appoint Piedra Ibarra to reach the legal requirement of having the vote of two thirds of the senators present.

For its part, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the House of Senators warned that it will require the Board of Directors to clarify the election of Piedra Ibarra as head of the commission.

"Without advancing lawsuits, we are going to demand before the Board of Directors, responsible for these procedures, that the facts be clarified until we admit no doubt," Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín said on behalf of the tricolor bench.

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The president of the Board of Directors in the Senate said that instruction has already been issued to make the videos of the senators available Congress Channel, but warned that voting cannot be carried out again.

The Senater Germán Martínez (Morena) pointed out that for his party the procedure is concluded and only "violence and coup" can prevent next Tuesday Piedra Ibarra take possession.

Debate reaches deputies

The same clash of positions occurred in the Chamber of Deputies and among political party leaders.

The national president of the PAN, Marko Cortés, accused Morena of having disappeared two ballots and of using espionage to air talks on WhatsApp of PAN leaders.

Meanwhile, the deputy Claudia Reyes (PRD) said: “It is important to clarify them (supposedly lost ballots), especially the number of votes cast. For this, it is necessary and fundamental to listen to the parties involved.

“The clarifications that have been given by the senators acquire great relevance Emilio Álvarez Icaza and of Ricardo Monreal, since this helps to remove any doubt from the election process and to demarcate all political responsibilities, as well as the others that derive from this case. ”

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