Deputies issued an opinion on the frontal food labeling project – Télam

The initiative sets guidelines for healthy eating.

A plenary of commissions of the Chamber of Deputies I issued this Tuesday afternoon opinion about the project food labeling, which sets guidelines for a healthy eating and establishes the placement of a series of front seals in food packaging high in sodium, sugar, saturated fat, total fat and calories, so the initiative was in a position to be debated by the whole body.

The text approved and sent by the Senate Last October it was dealt with by the General Legislation, Social Action and Public Health, Industry and Consumer Defense committees, where a majority opinion was imposed. promoted by the Frente de de Todos and accompanied by some deputies from Together for Change and other minority banks, which totaled 91 signatures, 6 in dissent.

They issued an opinion on the frontal food labeling project.

They issued an opinion on the frontal food labeling project.

In addition, a dozen PRO deputies supported a minority opinion of the macrista Carmen Polledo, which proposed a different way of labeling food, among other issues; while two other members of the ‘yellow’ bench endorsed a third opinion, prepared by Alejandro Garca, which rejects the implementation of the labeling.

A fourth opinion, with 5 signatures, was proposed by the official from Tucumán Pablo Yedlin who marked some differences that arose from the application of the project, and that with the accompaniment of legislators from sugar provinces, such as two radicals and a jujea from the FdT .


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