The Chamber of Deputies approved the reform to the Public Sector Acquisitions, Leasing and Services Law that gives the federal government the power to carry out purchases of medicines and medical supplies abroad without tender through international intergovernmental organizations.

With 290 votes in favor and 71 against, the federal deputies endorsed the opinion with a draft decree presented by the Morena coordinator of the Lower House, Mario Delgado, which will also allow acquire goods or provide health services abroad.

“The acquisition of goods or provision of health services contracted by agencies and entities with international intergovernmental organizations, through previously established collaboration mechanisms, is excepted from the application of this law, provided that the application of the principles is proven provided for in the Political Constitution ”, indicates the paragraph added to the Procurement Law.

During the discussion, the president of the Transparency and Anti-Corruption Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the legislator of the Labor Party, Óscar González, defended that the intention of the reform is to empower the President of the Republic to adequately attend the attention and the drug supply in the country.

“With this we break a monopoly on medicines in our country. The central idea is to provide the Executive with the necessary instruments so that they can buy medicines outside our country, which at this time was not allowed. ”

To fix the position of National Action (PAN), the deputy Martha Elisa González, declared that with this modification it is allowed to make purchases abroad on a discretionary basis, without complying with the international treaties that Mexico has signed on the matter, and without complying with the tender and transparency procedures.

“This reform does not help public health, employment or income for families, and puts us at risk of having the supply of safe and quality medicines for the most vulnerable patients, vaccines to complete the national vaccination schemes ”.