Deportation of ex-presidential candidate to Guatemala is postponed, where he faces two arrest warrants

The former candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Manuel Baldizón, should have arrived in Guatemala this Wednesday, September 28, on a deportation flight of the United States; However, his deportation was delayed due to a request from the politician to return on an “individual” flight, the family said.

Baldizón is being awaited by two arrest warrants issued for his alleged involvement in corruption cases.

last tuesday, family members and the lawyer of the former presidential candidate announced his arrival in Guatemala however, with the initial aim of resolving the legal issues he has in the country, the deportation did not materialize this Wednesday and it is believed that it could come between Thursday and Friday.

Jorge Baldizón, son of the former president and who was waiting for him outside the Guatemalan air force -where the deportees arrive-, confirmed that the arrival was delayed due to a request from his father.

“Yes, it is indeed coming. The reason why he did not come today is that Manuel Baldizón made a personal request to come on an individual or private flight, for your safety. This request has been resolved and at the moment he is in Arizona, where he has to take the flight to come in the next few hours, well until tomorrow we will know the flight number on which he will come,” added Baldizón.

“We confirm that we will have an exact time of his arrival by tomorrow, possibly tomorrow or Friday. It’s going to be a private flight, which doesn’t mean it can be a commercial flight, he is guarded by the Marshal authorities (…) to hand it over to the Guatemalan authorities,” he said.

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He added that “on Manuel Baldizón’s side there is all the will and therefore he comes to surrender and solve his problems always with the presumption of innocence.

The Public Ministry (MP) reported that the Special Prosecutor against Impunity (Feci) have open investigations against Baldizón.

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He added that currently He has two outstanding arrest warrants. for different cases.

One of these is for the Transurban Case, in which He is accused of illegal election financing and money laundering.

Also the Odebrecht case, in which He is charged with the crimes of active bribery, money laundering and illegal association.

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On social networks, Baldizón made a publication in which he states that the decision to return to Guatemala “to voluntarily appear before the courts and to testify in connection with the judicial political prosecution brought about by the false accusations.”



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