Deportation despite travel warning (Junge Welt newspaper)

The Hamburg Refugee Council protestse on Tuesday against those of the interior authority of the Hanseatic city Implemented imprisonment of people from Serbia and their threatened deportation to Serbia on October 28th:

While the Federal Foreign Office has issued a current travel warning for Serbia due to the corona crisis, the Hamburg Interior Authority is currently detaining people from Serbia and is probably planning their deportation to Serbia on Wednesday. On this day, a collective deportation to Serbia and North Macedonia is planned from Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden airport, departure at 12.25 p.m. We currently know of at least four people from Hamburg who, according to their own statements, were detained to be transported to Serbia.

The Hamburg Refugee Council protested against it with all vigor. The people must be released from custody immediately, and if a deportation to Serbia is planned, these plans must be stopped immediately! As a rule, Roma who are deported to the country are affected, and they are exposed to extensive discrimination in this country. Access to the health system for these people is severely restricted, if not impossible. Especially in Corona times, deportees are threatened with significant health risks to which those affected should not be exposed lightly.

We demand a stop of deportation because of the much higher risk of infection in Serbia and because of the upcoming winter. Hermann Hardt from the Hamburg Refugee Council says: »Roma in the Balkan states mostly live in cold huts that can hardly be heated. Every winter people die there because of the cold. That is why we had often called for a winter deportation stop in previous years, which was always rejected. But now there is the pandemic, which is making the situation even worse, as hygiene rules in the Roma slums can hardly be observed. “This is one of the reasons why the Federal Roma Association and the Roma Antidiscrimination Network called for one in their appeal on September 28th general deportation stop in the corona crisis.

The DGB district chairman Berlin-Brandenburg, Christian Hoßbach, called on Tuesday that the Senate of the federal capital and the Charité hospital should end the CFM wage dispute:

The current collective bargaining agreement in the public service has brought well-earned wage increases for the health professions and makes it clear: Appreciation is good, but applause alone is not enough. Such financial recognition must also reach the colleagues at the Charité subsidiary CFM. The work of CFM employees, for example cleaning the clinics and sterilizing medical instruments, is vital for patients. The Senate and Charité must finally bring the grueling collective bargaining dispute to a good end and agree on a clear path for a return to the collective wage of the public service. (…)