The Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, has announced a measure aimed at forcing some migrants to work if they want to continue receiving benefits. These are people who have already received state subsidies for three or four years and who have not reached a certain level of knowledge of the language, according to several international newspapers.

The measure, which mainly targets women “of non-Western origin”, continues other policies that have severely tightened immigration rules in the country. At the moment, according to Mette Frederiksen, “about 60% of women in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey are not working”.

“It’s basically a problem when we have such a strong economy, where the business community is labor intensive, and we have a large group, mainly women with non-Western backgrounds, who are not part of the labor market,” says Mette Frederiksen, quoted by the BBC.

“We want to introduce a new logic in which people have a duty to contribute and be useful”. In other words, “if they can’t find a normal job, they have to work to get their benefit”.


“For many years, we have done a disservice to many people by not demanding anything from them,” added the official. These jobs can be done in companies, but also, according to the Minister of Employment, Peter Hummelgaard, by picking up butts from the ground.

This new measure is being criticized in the opposition. The left-wing Red-Green Alliance party, quoted by the BBC, warns of “state-supported social dumping” that could come into being, “sending people to crazy jobs”.

Denmark has seen asylum applications in the country drop with the government of Mette Frederiksen, which has been in power since 2019 — just 851 as of 31 July. In the entire year of 2015, when it reached a peak, there were 21 thousand orders.

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