Den Bosch attack probably intended for the house of friend Klaas Otto

The police are investigating whether not the house on the Goedenrade, but a house on the Stapelen in Den Bosch was the actual target of the explosion on Tuesday night. There are strong suspicions for that. Reliable sources report this to Omroep Brabant. A woman who has been convicted several times lives in the building on the Stapelen, who has recently become the girlfriend of criminal Klaas Otto. Earlier, the police said they were seriously considering a mistaken attack.

A terraced house on Goedenrade with a sleeping family was badly damaged in an explosion on Tuesday night. The house is several hundred meters away from the home that may have been the intended target. Both streets are parallel to a main road and the houses have the same house number.

The house on the Stapelen has been the target of extreme violence in the past. In March 2017, for example, the house was shot at by someone with an automatic weapon. More than ten bullets completely riddled the window at the front of the house. The police have never been able to find out who is behind this. Grada K. lived in the house with her then partner Faysal L. The woman still lives there.

money laundering
Both were convicted in 2019 in a money laundering case. L. was jailed for 14 months; Grada K. the maximum community service of 240 hours and a suspended prison sentence. The verdict shows that the two were guilty of money laundering, but that it was not clear how much money was involved. Justice estimated the amount at 216,000 euros, which, according to her, was spent on luxury goods and holidays.

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Grada K. also received community service in another court case. It revolved around a violent pub quarrel in Eindhoven in 2016.

After the relationship between Faysal L. and Grada K. broke down, the woman continued to live in the house on the Stapelen surrounded by cameras. She has recently appeared, surrounded by hearts, on the Instagram page of the well-known criminal Klaas Otto from Bergen op Zoom. They are a couple.

Three years in prison
Former No Surrender leader Otto came into contact with the law more often. He was recently sentenced on appeal to three years in prison for leading a criminal organization.

Grada K.’s lawyer, Marcel Heuvelmans, says that she is on holiday abroad. At the request of Omroep Brabant, he asked her about the explosion on Tuesday night. “She didn’t really catch on, I got the impression,” says Heuvelmans. Louis de Leon, who assists Klaas Otto, does not want to answer questions about this.


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