Demonstrations continue in Miami and New York for the release of Alex Saab

The social movements of the world continue to raise their voices in solidarity with the Special Envoy of Venezuela, Alex Saab, after the kidnapping carried out by the United States (USA), so this Sunday, October 24, Human rights organizations will take to the streets of New York and Miami to demand the immediate release of the diplomat.

In Miami, the call for concentration is at the Torch of Friendship, in front of Bayside Biscayne, where the members of the Bolivarian Circle “Negra Hipólita” who live in the American city will gather to reject all the illegal actions that have been undertaken. since June 12, 2020 against the Venezuelan ambassador.

Since the illegal transfer of Saab to the United States, on October 16, the signs of repudiation of the US government have intensified and New York shelters the peaceful protests of hundreds of citizens and human rights activists, who demand freedom. and justice in the process. CC//MT

Source: Fuser News


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