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The candidate of the Democratic Party, Senator Raphael Warnock, according to projections by various American media, defeated his Republican rival, Herschel Walker, in the second round of the election for a seat for the United States Senate in the state of Georgia. . With this victory, President Joe Biden’s party strengthens its control of the Upper House, winning 51 of the 100 seats, and will no longer depend on Vice President Kamala Harris to cast the tie-breaking vote.

The victory also allows Democrats to gain greater control over Senate committees, instead of splitting seats in half as was the case previously. A factor that greatly favors the Biden administration, which will see far fewer obstacles to the appointment of senior positions that by law must receive the approval of the Upper House.

“I am honored to speak the four most powerful words of a democracy: the people have spoken,” said Warnock, a preacher at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta – where civil rights leader Martin Luther King preceded him – greeted the apparition. in front of his supporters at the Democratic Victory Party.

His opponent, a former soccer star, also conceded defeat in an appearance before his supporters. Without naming the winner, he declared that “we fought a tremendous battle.” “Never let them tell you you can. I’m going to keep fighting for Georgia. I will keep fighting for you.”

The importance of the electoral appointment was reflected in the high turnout for a second round of legislative elections. Almost 3.8 million people voted in a state of ten million inhabitants. In the first round on November 8, in which control of the two chambers of Congress, the state governorship and the local parliament were at stake, the participation was about four million people.

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Rev. Warnock at his last campaign event in Atlanta, this Monday, before the election.CHENEY ORR (REUTERS)

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Warnock beat Walker by just 25,000 votes, or 50.40% to his rival’s 49.60%, with 93% of the vote counted. A resounding margin for what Georgia is. A former Republican stronghold that in the last decade, as a buoyant economy attracted a younger and more minority population, has increasingly become a swing state.

The reverend already obtained a greater number of votes than his competitor in the first round. But he failed to cross the 50% threshold of support, and Georgia law requires a runoff between the two most-voted candidates if neither gets that majority.

The outcome of the vote this Tuesday represents a fresh repudiation for former President Donald Trump, who voiced his support for Walker in the Republican primaries and who today saw his real estate group plead guilty to seventeen counts of tax fraud in New York. . The support of the tycoon, in a few hours and which these days is openly questioned among Republicans who supported him, was not enough. In this state, Trump is not a particularly popular figure: in the 2020 presidential election, the then tenant of the White House pressured the authorities in Georgia, where Biden won by just 12,000 votes, to declare that result invalid and to designate him as victorious. . The governor who opposed those demands, Republican Brian Kemp, won re-election with eight percentage points more votes than his Democratic rival, Stacey Abrams.

Walker’s failure wasn’t just due to his association with Trump. The former sportsman’s campaign was plagued by scandals and missteps. From accusations of abusing and paying for abortions to women he impregnated – despite publicly maintaining a persistent stance against the voluntary termination of pregnancies – to allegations that he is domiciled in another state, in Texas, retained and not in Georgia.

In a tweet, President Biden showed a photo of his call to Warnock to congratulate him, noting that “tonight Georgia voters took a step forward in favor of our democracy, rejecting Ultra MAGAism (MAGA is the acronym for Make America Great Again) , Trump’s motto) and, most importantly, they sent a good man back to the Senate. For the next six years.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris, who until now has played a key role in the Senate by holding the key to the tie between Republicans and Democrats in the vote, also congratulated Warnock. “Georgia voters said they wanted a senator to fight for them, and they made it happen by re-electing (Reverend Warnock) to the United States Senate. Congratulations my friend.”

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