Demi Moore in costume at 59 is divine

Demi Moore he has clear ideas about age. In addition to wearing her very well (59 years old of timeless beauty), it also strives for the freedom to be and appear as you wish. And it must be said that she it’s a vision: are Instagram seduces with a white costume and with an enviable freshness.

Demi Moore, the 59-year-old costume post on Instagram

Il body it could be that of a young girl: toned and in great shape. So much so that she can afford to show off a white one-piece swimsuit, very low-cut and sensual.

The shots were taken inside a swimming pool on the occasion of the launch of his new line of swimsuits, bikinis and swimsuits, of which he has recently published several images.

The result is crazy: Demi Moore does not seem to be a woman about to celebrate her sixty years (she will turn them on November 11), but still a very young actress. Testimony that age is just a number and that what matters is how you feel and wear it.

And on this aspect Demi Moore, who took up a new challenge at almost 60 years old, has clear ideas as she told in a recent interview with People.

Demi Moore, the praise of age

gives it after a certain age they have to cut their hair? According to Demi Moore absolutely not. She said it outright to Peopleputting a stop to what is a concept from the past that still seems to have a hold on someone.

“I remember hearing someone say that as women get older, they shouldn’t have long hair. And this way of thinking has stuck with me – he explained -. But who says that? To me, well, if they can grow and look good, then why shouldn’t we have them long? I don’t feel comfortable with rules that they don’t seem to have any meaning or real justification “.

And she has been wearing her hair very long for years, a thick, very smooth raven hair. But in the past she wore them for some time very short and even shaved – for stage purposes – in the film Private Jane.

Demi Moore and the others, the most beautiful over who do not think about age

If it is true that age is just a number, there are many stars of the entertainment world who have shown that feel comfortable with the passing of time. In addition to Demi Moore, who in costume seems to have stopped the years and remained like her at the beginning of her career, there is Sharon Stone. The actress on Instagram posted a shot in which she shows herself topless. “Imperfect with gratitude on a perfect day”, she wrote to accompany the image. But she is simply divine.

Also recently Alba Parietti has shown herself without filters: beautiful and without fear of being seen as she is natural, without makeup and without the use of various applications to improve images.

Andie MacDowell taught us, however, to appreciate white hair by demonstrating that you can be beautiful and sensual, real divas, even with curls that turn in a thousand shades of gray.

And the teaching is evident: it’s not the age that matters but how it feels.

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