Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir published a new set of her photos on her personal page on the social networking site.

Demet appeared in a classic dress that embarrassed her in the photo session, especially that she wore it without a bra, and a number of followers noticed that the dress and its light color separated her body clearly.
And Turkish media reported that Demet Ozdemir was chosen to participate indirectly in the European Basketball League match between Anatolia Avas and Unix Kazan, by throwing the pink ball to start the match on October 21, and this step is part of a campaign to support breast cancer patients.
On the other hand, a production company is negotiating with Demet Ozdemir to star in the series “Intibah”.

This is how Demet Ozdemir looked from Dubai – with video

Turkish star Demet Ozdemir published a video of her from Dubai, where she appeared as she sat on the sand and spread it with her hand. The video won the admiration of a large number of followers.

Will Demet Ozdemir turn into a notorious woman and cause problems for this man?

One of the production companies is negotiating with the Turkish star Demet Ozdemir to star in the series “Intibah”. The work talks about “Mr. Ali” who falls in love with a notorious woman named Mahbikar, and then falls into many problems and disagreements with his close ones, and this woman leads him to the abyss.
This is a picture that social media pioneers recently circulated, a shocking photo of Demet Ozdemir, in which she appeared completely naked from the top, i.e. without a bra, to show that the picture is not real, but modified by an application.

Is between Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman more than friendship?

Sandro Rosica, a celebrity follower, says that there is something between Demet Ozdemir and Can Yaman, and that their association with his life partner was orchestrated and motivated by business. The duo exchange comments on social media, but we have to wait to see what happens in the lives of the heroes of Erkenci kus, because Jan Yaman separated from his partner, and returned to the life of celibacy, while Demet is still with her lover Oguzan Koch.
And the Turkish star Demet Ozdemir revealed that her new movie “Love Tactics” is scheduled to be released in February or March on one of the electronic platforms.


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