Delphine Wespiser in turmoil, big clash in TPMP!

Delphine Wespiser, the famous columnist of TPMP speaks about her discomfort, here are the details exclusively at People Act Magazine.

The torch burns between Delphine Wespiser and Matthieu Delormeau, the two TPMP columnists. At present, no one knows what could reconcile them…. People Act Magazine tells you everything in detail! It’s simple, we’ve never seen that!

This exchange, no fanzouze of TPMP will be able to forget it. As for Baba, he must manage this umpteenth clash. Who will have the last word ?

Wind of panic at TPMP!

On the set of TPMP, a few days before the second round of the presidential election, Delphine Wespiser threw a stone into the pond.

Indeed, those who knew her as Miss France did not imagine that she had so much repartee!

When she reveals to her friends who she is going to vote for, she is no longer unanimous. On the Web, the haters are unleashed like never before.

Certainly, a few months ago, they had teased her on her positions in favor of animals. But this time, management gets involved.

Deprived of antenna until the results of the elections, it has just made its comeback on C8. She will take the opportunity to settle accounts with a certain Matthieu Delormeau… Hang on dear reader of People Act Magazine, we are entering a zone of turbulence!

If his colleagues from TPMP had managed to put the forms, this is not the case of the former host of NRJ12. He did not hesitate to draw a parallel with an infrequent humorist, namely Dieudonné.

For some time now, Elie Semoun’s ex-stage partner has been skidding as he is known for his obscure political positions. That’s all Delphine Wespiser needs to *xpl*ser in full flight. Already that she has received millions of messages, she did not expect this strange comparison.

In TPMP, Miss France comes out of her hubbub…

Disturbed by this umpteenth friction, Cyril Hanouna decided to organize a confrontation between the darling of Roger and his detractor. The least we can say is that People Act Magazine does not paint a glorious picture. “Matthieu is poison incarnate, I think he must have a real discomfort deep inside him to spread so much hatred around him”.

Evoking her rumor of eviction from France 2, she underlines this paradox. “He dreams of being a comedian. He said he could take my place (in Fort Boyard, Ed) if I got fired. Unfortunately, it is not the case ! Try for next year. Its conclusion cannot leave anyone indifferent. ” I’m sorry for you. There are two things you love: money and yourself. »

But it doesn’t stop there. The one who regularly puts on her costume as a columnist in TPMP assumes each of her words. Thus, she specifies that she contacted her lawyer. Obviously, she intends to take the case to court for “defamation and public insult”. This time, the host of TPMP People went too far. She believes that “he is ready to do anything for the buzz. He could sell his father and his mother for [ça] ! “. She doesn’t know it yet, but this simple hint will be enough to trigger a tsunami.

Matthieu Delormeau makes a radical decision!

Shocked from the depths of his guts, Matthieu Delormeau speaks directly to his boss and friend Baba. Cyril, I’ll stop there, it’s grotesque. She insults my mother who is no longer there (…)” At first, when we warned him that there would be an exchange, he naively thought “that there would be a little debate. »

As coldly as possible, he addresses the one who broke him in two. “I’ll stop there. I don’t want to argue with you. Talk to others. End of the story. Instead of remaining silent, she grabs the pole and kicks the can down the road. “Someone who has a minimum of respect would never have compared me to Dieudonné while I was crying in front of my TV”.

Delphine Wespiser

On the TPMP set, the fanzouzes are hallucinating. As always in this kind of clash, they try to motivate Matthieu and Delphine to hug each other to make peace. And yes, C8 is supposed to be one big family at heart. However, wounded in his flesh, the one who returned last August does not want it.

Besides, he never wants to meet Delphine again. If she’s on the set, he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Faced with this difficult choice, Cyril Hanouna does not know how to react. Should he give in or try to reconcile them later? The mystery remains! In the meantime, we would like to have your opinion on this controversy. Feel free to leave it in the comments!



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