Delete WhatsApp messages: new extension in 2022

WhatsApp has just released an update, unannounced, to an extremely useful feature. The deleting messages is updated with a time limit extension. So far you had 1 hour and 8 minutes to be able to delete a message on whatsapp. This limit now climbs with a much wider range to be able to undo sending a message. We tell you the details of the new time limit for delete messages on whatsapp.

How much time do I have to delete a WhatsApp message?

If you are reading this after August 9, 2022 means you have 60 hours to delete any WhatsApp message that you have sent. Yes, the new limit has already been implemented and you have more than 2 days to decide if you want delete or unsubmit.

Before this date the limit was just over an hour, and before it was only a few minutes. Now WhatsApp offers a much greater margin to make the decision to delete a text message, voice memo, picture, or video.

No matter what it is, any type of message will have the same 60 hour limit. With this extension, the app offers more time, but it does not eliminate the deletion notice: the recipient of the deleted message will continue to see a notice indicating that the message has been deleted.

If you use WhatsApp and usually delete messages, now you know that you have much more time to do it. Specifically 60 hours, about 2 and a half days. What do you think about the change?

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