Developed by the new delaware Cloud Factory on the occasion of the work carried out by the innovationDel20 lab, this solution is based on innovative technologies (video recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.) which make it possible to analyze videos in real time to control compliance with the wearing of compulsory equipment and the mobility of people present in a given space. BrAIn therefore offers a pragmatic answer for many use cases in different sectors of activity. Beyond the concept of control, this solution also makes it possible to alert and provide precise statistics. Entirely configurable to adapt to the business needs of users, BrAIn is therefore a real tool for managing, alerting and preventing risks.

Some key features of the solution:

· Detection of protective masks or other equipment, safety distance, entry / exit, number of people in a space, identification of risk areas, etc.

Definition of alert thresholds

Real-time detection, issuance of alerts, reporting & benchmarking

· Alerts and notifications: sound, light, push, information via a bot, email, SMS, voice call …

Baptiste Duriez, Innovation & Partner Manager at delaware France: “BrAIn demonstrates our ability to continuously innovate to offer our customers practical and thought-out tools to meet operational expectations. Among the many use cases that we can mention, BrAIn is, for example, an excellent way to allow teams to return to their workplace and welcome their customers in complete safety. This subject is, in fact, a real challenge for professionals following the Covid-19 health crisis. Of course, beyond the simple design of the solution, the teams at delaware France support BrAIn users from start to finish in setting up the solution. ”