Del Moral protests as elected pre-candidate of the PRD for Edomex governorship

Del Moral protests as elected pre-candidate of the PRD for Edomex governorship

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Alejandra Del Moral protested this Saturday as a pre-candidate elected to the governorship of the State of Mexico by the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and stressed that it is a serious party, with a progressive spirit that visualizes the future with more rights for Mexicans.

“The Party of the Democratic Revolution is the real and consistent left of the country and with this party we agree in the fight for social justice, equal opportunities, freedom of expression, the rule of law and today, united, we can do more, We have achieved more and advanced further, under the doctrine of the protection of Mexican families,” said Alejandra Del Moral Vela.

He assured that the democratic development of Mexico and its electoral institutions cannot be explained without the decided participation of the PRD.

Therefore, he pointed out that it is important that, in the defense of the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the country’s institutions, the party is the protagonist.

Alejandra Del Moral explained that Sol Azteca is the party that has fought for the causes of women, youth, peasants, workers and inclusion, so that everyone has equal opportunities.

He thanked the local Deputy, Omar Ortega Álvarez, and the Political Delegate, Agustín Barrera, for the effort made to manage to walk together in an electoral coalition that will become a Coalition Government for the benefit of the people of Mexico.

He said that the State of Mexico needs the best “of everyone” and that “it needs the best of the PRD that has awakened consciences and has moved souls.”

“And our entity needs a strong PRD, a united PRD, a fighting PRD, a PRD that yesterday opened the democratic doors and today defends them,” he stressed.

“My heart is from the left and today we are united and we march together”, there are no coincidences, life united us here and because we can achieve goals we are giving priority to our coincidences. We know it won’t be easy, but we brave people don’t like easy things, it’s easy for someone else to campaign for you, it’s easy to be submissive “and Alejandra Del Moral is the opposite,” she said.

In addition, he emphasized that they are ready for the challenge to come and “to make together the coalition project that Edomex deserves.”

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Likewise, he asked citizens to “walk every day to build a better entity,” and pointed out that the choice is not one of ideologies, but of solutions, so they must work to reunite Mexico.



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