Hours ago, Viviana Canosa spoke for the first time of the messages that came to him from the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández.

In Just in case, the program of Eleven ten, the host of Nothing personal counted How did you feel when the first president contacted her, as a result of a note he made in his program.

“It made noise in my body, beyond the psychological, I I was paralyzed. I was in bed, I looked at Martina (her daughter) who was asleep, my legs started to sleep “

“I started to feel palpitations and panic attacks, I was distressed. And at that moment I said: “I’m going to shit, I leave the radio, I leave the TV, I leave everything, My life is worth much more”, the journalist said.

And then he made his release from the live of his cycle of political analysis and interviews, on the nights of The 9. “It seemed intimidating to me because my phone is not public. He told me: ´I tell you because I love you very much… ´ ”, added from the small screen.

“I am absolutely disappointed in you. I am sorry that our friendship has been interrupted ”, Canosa dedicated a message to Fernández.

“It is going to back against what you’re saying. There were several things like that, I thought it was time to leave the television. I want to tell the President that I hope that don’t call me anymore”, the blonde assured.


“Than do not bother me anymore. That she let me work in freedom, that I deserve it, that I earned it. I am not and do not want to be a puppet of anyone. I feel absolutely disappointed with you. I’m sorry that interrupted our friendship”.

“This program is for when you want to say things. But live, tell me in the face. Don’t tell me by messages. Don’t scare me ”, He finished his editorial on the air, with a direct message to Fernández.


Was Pablo Duggan, also a communicator and analyst on the same topics, who decided to publish in his account Twitter harsh words towards his colleague. Direct, without laps, she took advantage of the 280 character space allowed by the format of the social network and transmitted her position, in writing.

“As a journalist I am ashamed of what Viviana Canosa does,” Dugan shot.

“As a journalist I am ashamed what Viviana Canosa does ”, He started by pointing, without filter, on the actions of the former panelist and show host who has been working in another branch of the profession for several years.

“If you do political journalism and you are scared that the president writes to criticize you for a note, when you have a friendly relationship with him, dedicate yourself to something else”, Dugan sentence.