Declaration of war to the vaccine truants

Anyone who has postponed their vaccination appointment now only has two chances.

Carinthia. In the future, the country will take stricter action against Corona “vaccination truants”. There would be good reasons not to be able to keep a vaccination appointment, but in fairness you should cancel or postpone the appointment. Many Carinthians skip the dates for no comprehensible reasons and mess up the planning, criticizes the country.

Last chances. Therefore, the country is now appealing for upcoming second vaccinations with Biontech

Pfizer and Moderna to catch up from calendar week 25 (June 21-27). There will only be two more invitations: If you don’t come to the appointment without canceling it, you will have to take care of your CoV vaccination yourself.

1,000 Carinthians did not attend the vaccination appointment

Vaccination. In the past week, 4,073 vaccinations were received with Moderna and 20,471 with Biontech

Pfizer and 858 vaccinations administered with AstraZeneca in Carinthia. About 1,000 people could not or did not want to attend the second vaccination appointment. The remaining injection vials will therefore be administered this week in the Impfstraßen in Villach and Spittal.

Reduction. The country has also decided that the staff on the test roads will be reduced. Therefore, the test roads in the communities of Kötschach, Obervellach, Paternion and Greifenburg will be replaced by the mobile test buses after June. Fixed test roads in the municipalities will no longer exist from July 1st.

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