Decisive meeting this Monday of the board of directors of Barça – Fil info – Spain – Abroad

A board of directors is scheduled from 1:30 p.m. this Monday at FC Barcelona. A meeting that could have serious consequences. We will discuss the motion of censure against Josep Maria Bartomeu. According to the Catalan press, if this vote of no confidence is maintained on November 1 and 2, the president of Barça could resign from his post. As are the members of the board of directors. The problem: the health context which does not allow the referendum to be held properly. Barça management has testified several times to the Generalitat of Catalonia, arguing that more than half of the voters lived on the outskirts of Barcelona and that many were over 60 years old. A fragile population in this period of the Covid-19 health crisis, which will have to meet at Camp Nou, in order to vote for or against the motion of censure. Bartomeu would therefore have requested the postponement of the vote to November 15 and 16. If the Generalitat de Catalunya maintains it on the scheduled dates (November 1 and 2), he and his leadership could then leave their posts. “We will not be complicit in this absurdity. People’s lives are more important because there will always be time to vote, ”a Barca member told Sport, when Spain declared a state of health alert until May 9. The group that tabled the censure motion, led by Jordi Farré, will hold a press conference in the morning (10:30 am), before the board of directors.

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