Decision coming soon: Lufthansa could fly with Boeing 777 as early as 2023 – and again with Airbus A380

The return of the Airbus A380 is becoming more and more concrete. The decision will soon be made. At the same time, Lufthansa is carefully examining the use of Boeing 777s – already for next summer.

It becomes more concrete. After Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr first said cautiously and then a little more clearly that the Airbus A380 still had a chance, he now confirmed that they were examining whether to include the two-story aircraft in the active fleet again. The delivery problems with Boeing’s new 777X aircraft “require that we have to bring some of the 380 back or find alternative solutions,” said Spohr at a media briefing on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the airline association Iata.

An alternative solution, according to the Lufthansa boss, could be a Boeing 777-300 ER, “like the ones we already operate at Swiss”. In addition to the Swiss subsidiary, Lufthansa Cargo and Austrian also fly with Triple Seven. A combination of Boeing 777-300 ER and Airbus A380 is also a conceivable solution.

decision this summer

Because: The planes are not that easy to get right now. If you were to buy a new plane, it would be available in the summer of 2025, says Spohr. And that’s too late. One is therefore currently in talks with Boeing and leasing companies.

And the discussions must be concluded soon, because a lead time of around nine months is needed for both solutions – i.e. the A380 and the 777. And they want to be able to use the planes in the 2023 summer flight schedule, which starts at the end of March. “So we have to make a decision before I go on vacation in July,” says Spohr.

More and more late

Lufthansa would also need lead time for the reintroduction of the Airbus A380, because: Currently only 14 pilots are licensed or current, as it is called in jargon, on the superjumbo. That means their licenses would allow them to fly the big jet right now. But the group has a solution that would allow A350 crews to be used on the A380.

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The Boeing 777X has recently been delayed more and more. After it was initially said that the aircraft could not be delivered in 2022 but in 2023, it will now not happen before 2025. “Based on an updated assessment of the time required to meet certification requirements,” Boeing recently said it had adjusted its schedule for the first delivery.



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