Decayed corpse in Tyrol: man lay dead in his tent for years

The identity of a completely skeletonized male body found in April in a tent in the area east of the Martinswand between Zirl and Innsbruck has been clarified: It was an Austrian born in 1963 who may have died several years ago, the Tyrolean police said on monday with This was determined using a DNA test.

In any case, the dead man had been there “less than ten years,” a police spokesman told APA. More details can no longer be determined – just like the exact cause of death. In any case, there is no evidence of third-party debt. According to the police, the Austrian had not been reported missing. He hadn’t had any contact with relatives and acquaintances for a long time.

The remains of the man, who had climbing equipment with him, were found by two hikers on April 21 in a tent in rough terrain. After the salvage, the executive tried to use the DNA to make a comparison with people who had been reported missing and who also had DNA. It was said that no new knowledge was gained from the climbing equipment. Ultimately, it then went to the “criminal police detail work”, which now apparently led to a result.



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