Decathlon Kiprun GPS 500 by Coros test: the essentials at a low price

The interface of the Kiprun GPS 500 covers most of the expectations for a sports watch. It is thus possible to launch the follow-up of a physical activity, a stopwatch, a timer, but also to synchronize your watch, or to consult your program and your training history.

Several screens summarize the different data collected by the watch. We can thus access our number of daily steps, our average heart rate, calories burned, level of fatigue or even information on sunrise and sunset times. Only city feature of the model, the display of notifications. However, it turns out to be very basic and often forgets to indicate which application the message displayed comes from. The music control isn’t wrist-accessible either.

In use, two buttons are used to navigate the menus, while the other two validate or cancel our choices. The experience is intuitive and easy. Regarding the parameters available on the wrist, the Kiprun GPS 500 once again does the essentials. It is possible to activate the “do not disturb” mode, to select the displays during training or the home screen, to synchronize a chest strap, to configure the vibrations and the sounds emitted…

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