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A 1-2 knockout, from which it will be difficult to get up. Boris Johnson, already crippled by the so-called Partygate and by the recent half-confidence of his own, collects another double electoral debacle in the vote of the two supplementary ones that took place yesterday in deep England: in two constituencies where the widely expected defeats of the candidates of his Party Conservative have taken on ruinous contours, calling into question the leadership of a prime minister who for now remains tenaciously clinging to the chair. In Wakefield, a college in the former ‘red wall’ of the north torn by the Tories from Labor for the first time since 1932 at the time of BoJo’s national electoral triumph in December 2019, Labor candidate Simon Lightwood has returned to prevail not so much thanks to the recovery of votes of his party (limited to 8% in spite of the scandal of gay sexual harassment on a fifteen-year-old dating back to 2008 which even brought outgoing deputy Imran Khan, brother of the international prosecutor of the UN Criminal Court, to jail), thanks to the collapse of 17 points of the rivals. While the real sensational epilogue took place in Tiverton and Honiton, a wealthy and pro-Brexit constituency of England armored for the Tory banners for over a century, where the Liberal Democrats have hit the mark with a sensational rebound of over 20% against the least 30 made by the conservative Helen Hurford compared to the booty inherited from his predecessor Neil Parish: certainly not all attributable to the local repercussions of the fool of Parish, overwhelmed by a business of porn videos peeked at the House of Commons.

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The defeat, the latest in a series of failed electoral tests from 2021 onwards, in fact outlines a scenario that goes far beyond the numerically marginal reduction of the parliamentary majority by two seats out of about 80. And it threatens to unleash an earthquake, after the shocks of recent months, as is already anticipated by the leader of Labor, Keir Starmer, who evokes the “implosion” of the ruling party; both that of LibDem, Ed Davey. On the other hand, this is suggested by the sudden resignation announced at dawn, immediately after the official announcement of the results, by Oliver Dowden: minister without wallet and head of the Tory organizational machine for less than a year as president of the party, considered up to today a loyal BoJo. “Our supporters – wrote Dowden in a farewell letter sent to Johnson that sounds like a cry of alarm or perhaps an invitation to follow their example – are tired and disappointed by the latest events and I share their feelings. we can proceed business as usual, someone has to take responsibility “.

Words to which BoJo replied in his own way, on the sidelines of the summit of Commonwealth leaders underway in Kigali, in a climate also marred by the image of being separated at home that sees him opposed to Prince Charles, after the criticisms attributed in private to the heir to the throne (and hastily liquidated by the premier) on the controversial government plan for the transfer of illegal migrants from the Kingdom to Rwanda. By ensuring that he is ready “to hear” the message of the voters and to respond to discontent. But also that it would be “crazy” to resign in the face of midterm electoral reversals that are “the norm for a government force”; and to want to “go ahead with the implementation” of the program. His reputation as a character not always reliable but winning at the polls, however, falters dangerously. Even in spite of attempts to tickle the belly of the silent majority by leveraging the lead image in the West of armed support for Ukraine against Russia; o by targeting illegal immigration with the Rwanda plan; or riding the hard line towards the unions for the inconvenience caused by this week’s denied train strike. In a context in which it is his image that appears tarnished by the outrage for the “lies” of the Partygate, by the missteps accused of the government, by the effects of a global crisis that heavily affects inflation, energy bills on the island, on the decline in consumer confidence (sealed just today by the figure of -0.5% of purchases in May). While in the 1922 committee, the body responsible for regulating changes in leadership within the conservative parliamentary group, there are already those who work to reduce the period of untouchability guaranteed by the internal rules to those who have escaped from one year to 6 months. a vote of no confidence (as Johnson just succeeded in breaking his bonnet), so as to be able to repeat the showdown before the end of the year: unless the other members of the cabinet decide to put him in a corner even earlier.

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