Acid Nerve’s scythes and soulless publisher Devolver Digital didn’t listen to their parents and opened the forbidden door. This gives them the highly acclaimed action adventure Death’s Door Unleashed on innocent PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles today! If you’ve always wanted to be a death crow, you can find a solution at

In addition to today’s release, the pre-order door will also open at Special Reserve Games, behind which exclusive physical editions of the game on both platforms, as well as a beautiful art book put together by Acid Nerve and Art Director Frits Olsen, can be pre-ordered.

Death’s Door marks the long-awaited return of the Titan Souls-Developer Acid Nerve and throws players into a bizarre and curious world in which crows are responsible for collecting the souls of the dead.

In the world behind the doors you explore a land full of twisted people and innumerable secrets and give new hope to the strange and wonderful characters you meet on your way. You use and improve melee weapons, arrows and magic, while you track down and defeat truly colossal tyrants with their very own stories and motivations.


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