Deathly ill dog with tumor tied to a fence alone: ​​’Only falling asleep helps’ | Inland

The dog’s blue and white harness says his name is ‘Ares’. He was left with a bowl of food and water in Zoetermeer. The poor four-legged friend has a large tumor in his mouth, which made it difficult for employees of the animal home to approach him. This is probably why the owner put a muzzle on him.

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‘Operation is useless’

The vet took a look at Ares and came with sad news on Thursday. “The only thing we can only help Ares with now is to put him to sleep,” writes an employee on Facebook.

The tumor is so large that it is pushing his teeth and jaw aside. “Unfortunately, the pain medication we give Ares is not sufficient and the vet is of the opinion that an operation is no longer useful, especially because these types of tumors are almost always malignant.”

The case is with the animal police.



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