Briton JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter adventures, said on Monday that she had received numerous death threats from some transgender rights activists who accused her of transphobia.

“I have now received so many death threats that I could line my house with them, and I haven’t stopped speaking out,” the novelist said in a series of tweets.

She also denounces the fact that three activists “photographed themselves in front of (her) house” the previous week, “by positioning themselves carefully so that (her) address is visible”, before posting the cliché on Twitter.

Contacted by AFP, the Scottish police indicated that an “investigation is underway”.

A matter of rules

Last year JK Rowling shared an article on Twitter about “menstruating people”, commenting sarcastically: “I’m sure we had to have a word for these people. Someone help me. Feum? Famme? Feemm? “.

She has thus drawn the wrath of certain Internet users, who reminded her that transgender men can have their period and transgender women cannot.

The status of trans people has been the subject of heated debate in recent years in the UK, with activists fighting for their rights on one side and some intellectuals, authors and teachers accused of transphobia on the other, claiming to be victims. of “cancel culture”.

Ms Rowling says in her tweets that she has been contacted by many women who have been “the subject of bullying campaigns ranging from social media harassment and targeting of their employers, to the disclosure of personal data and direct threats from violence, including rape “.

She accuses in particular the three activists who posted her address online of having done so to “intimidate her and prevent her from defending women’s rights based on biological sex”.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Britons who are transgender are “twice as likely” to be victims of a crime or misdemeanor than those who are not. In 2019, two in five trans people had been the victims of a hate crime or incident, according to the YouGov institute.

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