Death of MavaChou: “We cash in silence”, the ex-husband of the influencer speaks for the first time

Death of MavaChou: “We cash in silence”, the ex-husband of the influencer speaks for the first time

The influencer MavaChou killed herself in December 2021. Her ex-husband, Adrien Czajczynski, also a youtuber, spoke for the first time this Thursday, May 4, 2023 to respond to the accusations against him, in Le Parisien.

She ended her life at just 32 years old. In December 2021, Maëva Czajczynski, a youtuber known as “MavaChou” committed suicide after being cyberstalked for several months. Many Internet users had notably accused her ex-husband Adrien Czajczynski of having contributed to the online hatred of which the young woman was the target, against the backdrop of a dispute over the custody of their children. The 35-year-old man spoke for the first time in the press on the death of his ex-wife.

“We want to restore the truth”

With his wife Laure, the ex-spouse of “MavaChou” recounts receiving insults towards their children, death threats or even many derogatory remarks on the physical. Insults received on the website they recently created to identifythe hostilities to which they are subjected. “Nearly 50,000 people visited our site in a few days. That means something,” points out the youtuber.

We’ve been cashing in silence for a long time

“The idea is to allow people who really want to know what is going on to find everything in the same place”, explains the 30-year-old to our colleagues from the Parisian. “We have been collecting in silence for a long time (…) We want to restore the truth. People who seek justice for Maëva are harassing themselves”, he denounces.

Adrien Czajcynski also wishes to recall that after a year and a half of proceedings, he is “still not indicted”. “I am a man like any other. I have my weaknesses, my faults”, he defends himself among our colleagues.

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