This morning it became known about the death of actor Artyom Anchukov, who was remembered by Russian viewers for many films and TV series. He was connected with the singer Tatyana Bulanova, who cannot recover after what happened.

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52-year-old Russian singer Tatyana Bulanova announced the death of her young partner Artem Anchukov. The man who became famous for his roles in the TV series “Cop Wars” and “Major”, died at the age of 39. The man was unable to cope with the coronavirus. As the performer of the super hit “Don’t Cry” said, Anchukov was at home with a fever for about a week, but then he decided to go to the hospital. He retired to a better world a few days after being hospitalized.

“I lay down for about a week, then complications began. Lung damage reached 85%. Just recently I saw him. We crossed paths all the time at work, so it was that time. And now the shock. Everyone calls and writes to me who knew him. Shock for everyone. He was such a bright person, with a sense of humor … It’s hard, ”the artist admitted, quoted by the RiaFan website.

Bulanova herself dedicated a touching entry to the deceased in her microblog. She posted a snapshot of Anchukov, captioning the photo: “Artem …”

Artem Anchukov was born on July 19, 1981 in Vologda. In 2003 he graduated from SPbGATI (course of I. Shtokbant), immediately after that he began to work at the Buff Theater. The deceased not only shone on the stage, but also worked as a host of the music program “Paris for Two”, and also starred in popular films and TV series. On his account there are about 70 roles, including in the TV series “Gangster Petersburg”, “Opera”, “Major”, “Cop Wars”, etc. In addition, Anchukov, according to rumors, had a relationship with Tatiana Bulanova. They recorded several joint compositions, however, according to media reports, their union was not only creative.

The editorial office of Express Gazeta expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Artyom Anchukov.