The mother of the child who lost his life by being caught in a vacuum in a 35-centimeter pool in the water park, said that the ‘business is not at fault’ report did not reflect the truth and they objected.

Deniz Poyraz Karslı (10), the only child of Dilan-Yusuf Karslı couple, went to the water park in Yüzüncüyıl District of Çukurova district of Adana on 11 June with her mother and cousins.

While Dilan Karslı was sitting on the sun lounger by the pool, the children started to have fun in the pool.

Deniz Poyraz Karslı could not get out of the 35 cm pool after a while.


One of Deniz’s cousins ​​informed Karslı about the situation.

Running to the pool, Karslı screamed for help when he saw his son lying motionless in the water. A nurse swimming in the pool made the first aid to Deniz.

Deniz, who was taken to a private hospital by ambulance that came to the scene after the notice, was then transferred to Adana City Training and Research Hospital.

Expert reaction of the mother of the child who drowned in the water park in Adana VIDEO


Deniz, who was taken for life-threatening treatment due to lack of oxygen to her brain, passed away on the morning of 12 June.

Deniz’s lifeless body was taken to Adana Forensic Medicine Institute morgue for autopsy.

Dilan Karslı, who was devastated when she heard the sad news, went to the police station and complained about the negligence of the business owners.

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Death in a water park in Adana: The expert did not find the business at fault #1


Family members claimed that the bruise on their son’s back after the incident was caused by the grating in the pool, and when they saw their children drowning, the vacuum pulled Deniz and he died because of this.

The owner of the business, Soner Çabuk, claimed that the recirculation system of the pool was working during the hours of the incident and that Deniz was not caught in a vacuum.

Death in a water park in Adana: The expert did not find the business at fault #2


The Delegation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office went to the pool where the incident took place and made an examination.

In the examination, he recorded that an experiment was conducted with a bag on the vacuum that attracted Karslı, the bag was torn by the force of the vacuum’s gravity, and the bruises on his back and the grating measurements were taken, and the pool personnel stated that they had difficulty in pulling Karslı, who was lying on his back at the bottom of the pool.

Death at the water park in Adana: The expert found the business not at fault #3


While the investigation process was continuing, the assigned expert also examined the pool.

According to the expert report, it was stated that there was no vortex or visual vacuum in the bottom suction grate, that the gravitational force began to be felt after the grate was covered by 60 percent, and therefore Deniz Poyraz Karslı fell into the pool for any reason, and that the vacuum system could not pull Deniz weighing 40-45 kilograms. The company was not found to be at fault.

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Death at the water park in Adana: The expert found the business not at fault #4


Mother Dilan Karslı, who said that she was saddened by the fact that no sanction was applied to the pool even though it has been 5 months since the incident, “We have suffered a lot regarding the issue. But no sanction was imposed on the other party. Our case was opened but there was no progress. My child is definitely not epileptic as they say. They can look at hospital records. The expert report is out. The report says my son died from falling into the pool. It is clear that my son died from the vacuum in the pool. That vacuum was not supposed to work when there were customers in the pool. There was no lifeguard at the scene. They said there were medical teams in the pool. This is definitely a lie. We couldn’t pull our child out of the water because the vacuum was working. As we tried to remove it, our child was stuck to the floor. A nurse woman, who was a customer like us, stepped into the vacuum and took my child from where she was.” said.

Death at the water park in Adana: The expert found the business not at fault #5


Anne Karsli, “The forensic report talks about bruises on my son’s back. We could not make any progress because of the expert report. I want a new expert to be appointed to the case.” he said.

Death in a water park in Adana: The expert found the business not at fault #6

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