Dead Island 2 is shown in an extensive and bloody 15-minute gameplay

Dead Island 2 is shown in an extensive and bloody 15-minute gameplay

Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have shared a complete new gameplay of 15 minutes in which players can discover first-hand the gameplay of Dead Island 2the long-awaited zombie title set in Los Angeles that will allow us to control different hunters and tear apart any undead that gets in our way with a more than generous arsenal of melee and ranged weapons.

The attached video stars Dani, one of the zombie hunters that users will be able to control during the campaign who has her own “unique and brutal” fighting style, as well as a more than generous amount of upgrade options, who Face off against a remarkable variety of standard zombies (crawler, walker, and runner) and mutated variants such as the Apex, “hypermutated” creatures that exhibit more aggressive and unpredictable behaviors than recurring enemies. On the other hand, those responsible for the project have wanted to remember the importance of the sets of ability cards since these will allow us to end waves of zombies with different play styles.

The gameplay places special emphasis on FLESHthe Dambuster Studio dismemberment technology that delights us with all kinds of gore scenes with a really impressive level of detail and, of course, not suitable for sensitive stomachs. The developers promise that such technology will make “crushing bones, slicing zombies and melting flesh” more satisfying than in any other game.

Our impressions after testing Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 It doesn’t claim to invent the wheel, and neither did its predecessor, an almost unexpected success that demonstrated the importance of a good trailer in a game’s marketing campaign. But without a doubt we have had a great time with this brief demo. Although he has made it clear to us that at the level of exploration and development we are not going to see anything too original, it will be in the fighting, hilarious and apparently deep, where the key to a highly anticipated title will be, “we conclude in our impressions. The title will be put on sale April 21 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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