AND died tonight in his Roman home the actor Elio Pandolfi. He was 95 years old. To give the news of his disappearance is the family. Actor, voice actor, singer, Pandolfi was born in the capital on June 17, 1926. Graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome, he made his debut in Venice in 1948 as a mime-dancer in The misfortunes of Orpheus by Milhaud, to then enter with Orazio Costa at the Piccolo Teatro in Rome.

Among the greatest Italian voice actors, with over 500 films to his credit, also voice of Laurel of the couple Laurel & Hardy, Pandolfi was among the last representatives of that generation of actors who had gone through prose, operetta (with the great Wanda Osiris), musical theater, comedy, cinema, radio and TV. The general public remembers him especially for the many years paired with Antonella Steni and for large varieties such as Studio 1 with Mina.

Between the dubbing of Philippe Noiret (in many films by Tavernier and Corneau) and Jean Claude Brialy (the administrator Roccarotta in Il Mostro di Benigni), Pandolfi was the Italian voice of a beloved character from a famous 80’s TV show: Boss Hogg in Hazzard. “It happened many years ago (1979-1985 ed) and I had a lot of fun doing it”, Pandolfi recently told in an interview, recalling the actor – Sorrell Booke – always in white dress, plotters to frame and arrest cousins Bo and Luke Duke, who also resembled a little physically. “When I do it again in front of the boys they go into raptures”, He explained. The last time on stage, in 2019 in Rome in “I remember”With Riccardo Castagnari and directed by Paolo Silvestrini. Today she leaves her adopted son Natale Orioles. By his own will, no funeral will be held.

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