Yesterday should be a day of celebration, because Dead by Daylight received the Hellraiser DLC that incorporated Pinhead (The Cenobite) as the new assassin of the Behavior Interactive game. However, as usual in the multiplayer horror title, nothing went as expected. And is that Dead by Daylight breaks the game again after its last update, as recognized by the official account of the video game on Twitter after receiving hundreds of notices from users who were seeing how a large number of games ended prematurely by a crash.

“The Cenobite is such a sight that playing against it will occasionally cause a ‘host disconnect’ error. The team is investigating it and we will share more information as soon as we have it ”, was allowed to comment between jokes yesterday Dead by Daylight before the user outrage. An outrage that does not come out of nowhere, because in one way or another, almost all the latest DLCs of the Behavior title have gone on sale with serious problems: the unplayable map of the Racoon City police station from Resident Evil, the insufficient power from El Traicionero or the disastrous exit of Los Mellizos, with a Victor who at times could not even be controlled by the player.

Dead by Daylight explains what their new matchmaking and ranking system looks like

As if that were not enough, this is not the only problem that has brought Pinhead, whose chase music stops short during the course of games or whose memorable and praised line of dialogue has been withdrawn so as not to conflict with other elements of the game. The disconnections are causing, in the best of cases, that the games end abruptly and we are rewarded with the blood points that we had accumulated until that moment. At worst, users are being temporarily penalized as if it were a manual disconnection of the game. Now it only remains to know how long we will have to wait until the game returns to normal.

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