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  • 1/11

    Corinne Deacon

    The situation around Les Bleues worries more and more.

  • 2/11

    Corinne Deacon

    Troubled by three executives.

  • 3/11

    Jean-Michel Aulas – Corinne Deacon

    A certain distance between the two.

  • 4/11

    Corinne Deacon and Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France)

    The ins and outs of the putsch launched at Les Bleues are not clear to everyone.

  • 5/11

    Corinne Deacon and the Blues

    Les Bleues are in the midst of a crisis!

  • 6/11

    Wendie Renard and Corinne Deacon

    The captain of the Blues announced that she was stepping back.

  • 7/11

    Marie-Antoinette Katoto et Kadidiatou Diani

    They in turn attack Corinne Deacon.

  • 8/11

    France team bus (Knysna 2010)

    The Men’s Strike by Raymond Domenech.

  • 9/11

    Corinne Deacon

    Problematic management?

  • 10/11

    Team France (Knysna 2010)

    Sad memory for the France team.

  • 11/11

    Corinne Deacon

    His future would already be decided.

The impasse in which the French women’s football team finds itself following the putsch of players launched against Corinne Deacon never ceases to make people react.

Nine days ago, Wendie Renard dropped a bombshell. In a message posted on social networks, the captain of the France team announced that she was withdrawing from the selection while waiting for the “system” in place to change. In the process, the Lyonnaise was imitated by Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, two other executives of the Blue. Targeted without ever being cited by the putschists, Corinne Deacon refused to leave her post. For observers, the situation is unprecedented, even if it is reminiscent of the strike launched by the Blues in Knysna during the 2010 World Cup. The findings are alarming.

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Consulting for TF1, Rio Mavuba spoke on Sunday about the situation facing the French women’s team. On the set of Telefoot, he did not hide his astonishment and his fears. “It’s surreal. Whether it’s women’s or men’s football, I’ve never seen that. That there is no speech between the coach and her captain or her players, it’s still crazy.» Reacting to the interview given by Kadidiatou Diani on the show, the former international continued. “We feel sincere, touched, and we feel that there are many players who are in this case.»

Sport “We will have to decide”

For Rio Mavuba, the scales clearly tilt in favor of the players. “It’s true that we didn’t see a lot of support from the coach. She (Kadidiatou Diani) seems to say a lot of concrete and true facts. Four months before the World Cup, the situation is untenable. It can’t last like this and we’re going to have to really decide because as Diani says it very well, you have to go there to try to win and not just appear. There, I have the feeling that if we continue with the coach, we lose our best players, it will be hard to have a good run there.»

Anyway, the former Losc calls for quick action. “On the psychological and human level, the situation must stop immediately.Convened on Thursday March 9 by the working group set up by the French Football Federation to decide on the subject, Corinne Deacon is about to be fixed on her fate.

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