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The businessman Francisco De Narváez spoke with the Cada Mañana team after the meeting he held with President Fernández along with other businessmen.

This Tuesday, the Government held a lunch with several of the main Argentine businessmen where, among other things, the direction of the national economy was analyzed.

The meeting took place at Casa Rosada, began at 1:30 p.m. and lasted until 3:30 p.m. in the Eva Perón Room of Government House. In addition to Fernández were the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur; the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo De Pedro; and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa.

Also present from the private sector were Marcos Bulgheroni (Pan American Energy Group), Hugo Eurnekian (Corporación América), Marcelo Mindlin (Pampa Energía), Javier Madanes Quintanilla (Aluar), Jorge Brito (Macro), Francisco De Narváez (Grupo De Narváez), Juan Martín de la Serna (Mercado Libre) and Alejandro Simón (Grupo Sancor Seguros).

To delve into what this meeting left behind, the Cada Mañana team spoke with one of the main participants, businessman Francisco De Narváez.

The Colombian businessman remarked that “the atmosphere was very good because the meeting was excellent.” “It was very good because whoever the president of the nation is, summons a series of Argentine businessmen, you have only one option, which is to go. The president opened the dialogue asking for sincerity, without qualms, ”revealed De Narváez.

Postponement with the IMF:

Asked about the rumors that the agreement with the Fund was going to be postponed, the businessman explained what was discussed: “He said that the agreement with the Fund is in the process of being carried out. The president told us that he wants to make an agreement, an agreement that is beneficial for all Argentines, an agreement that brings benefits in the medium and long term, and that is enforceable. “

“We asked the President if the Vice President agrees to close an agreement with the Fund well and quickly, in that order, the answer was ‘yes’”, De Narváez surprised and added: “This clarifies a panorama of tremendous well-founded mistrust This is a fundamental step for Argentina to begin to recover a process in a stabilization and recovery and development plan for all Argentines ”.

The future of the country:

“If you ask me how I got out of the meeting, I came out very excited. I believed the President ”, said the businessman and explained how work should be for the future.

“The union leadership should be seated at the table. This is a construction that has to be built with the entire national leadership. We have to solve the central problems of Argentina. Security, quality public education, formal jobs, unbearable tax pressure ”, he assured.

Along the same lines, De Narváez revealed that “inflation was discussed with the President.” “We told him a series of policies, in some cases he is advancing and in others not so much, so that he can once again be the success of an entrepreneur, a baker, a painter, who begins to give one more job,” he said.

“The State is going to continue, and I totally agree with that idea, assisting those people who have no possibilities to work, who have no possibilities, no wishes, possibilities of working, because we cannot leave them to good luck. In that state, I believe, a state that assists but does not do welfare ”, he concluded.

Nik assured that Aníbal Fernández’s apology was intimidating: “It left me uneasy because he kept attacking me”

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