De La Fuente applauded Rubiales after kiss scandal: Spain coach apologizes for his applause

De La Fuente applauded Rubiales after kiss scandal: Spain coach apologizes for his applause

Kiss scandal surrounding the head of the Spanish football association: The coach of the Spanish men’s national team, Luis de la Fuente, has apologized for his applause during the controversial speech by football boss Luis Rubiales. “I’ve been heavily criticized for it. I think that was completely justified, I regret it and apologize for it,” said the 62-year-old in Madrid on Friday. However, de la Fuente refused to resign.

Like many other participants in the extraordinary general assembly of the RFEF football association on Friday last week, he thought he would take part in “a formal farewell ceremony for the president”. Contrary to expectations, however, Rubiales did not announce his resignation, instead heating up the scandal with attacks on the government, the media, footballers and “false feminism”. “We were surprised by that and we weren’t prepared for it,” said de la Fuente. He was completely overwhelmed by the situation.

Rubiales kissed Jenniffer Hermoso on the mouth without being asked

Rubiales had kissed the player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the award ceremony of the Spanish soccer world champions in Australia. The official then came under increasing pressure, and many in Spain had called for his resignation. However, Rubiales insists the kiss was consensual. Hermoso has denied this several times. De la Fuente, like other participants at the general assembly, clapped a few days later.

The world football association FIFA has meanwhile initiated disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales and suspended him for 90 days. According to media reports, the Spanish sports court Tad also wanted to decide on Friday whether to open similar proceedings against the 46-year-old at the request of the sports authority CSC. Should the Tad assume a “very serious” misconduct by Rubiales, the CSD could suspend him 48 hours later. (dpa)

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