De Jonge: ‘A fourth jab, we are certainly preparing for that’

Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge does not rule out a fourth corona jab. According to him, preparations are being made to be able to hold even more rounds of vaccinations after the current booster campaign. The 2G measure is also coming, if it is up to the minister. He plans to discuss this with the House of Representatives shortly.

It is still unclear whether a fourth corona vaccination is necessary. De Jonge spoke to Rijnmond when he himself was in Ahoy for a booster shot. After his vaccination, he spoke from the waiting room of the vaccination location about the course of the current booster campaign. According to De Jonge, he runs as fast as he can go.

Rotterdam is doing very well, says the minister: “I believe our city is just not yet number 1, but it is number 2. Breda is where most of the injections are taken.” There are 7 locations in the Rotterdam region. The GGD expects to administer about 1.5 million injections this week.


Does the booster vaccination make sense? Most people have already been vaccinated twice. For De Jonge, that is not a question: “You sometimes meet someone who says: such a third jab, what will all this lead to? I would think: if the fourth jab is necessary, I’ll put it in too! It is quite possible that that jab is needed, and that is why we are preparing.”

According to the Minister of Health, it has become clear that the original vaccination protected well against the previous variants, but not so well against the omikron variant.

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2G for catering and events

De Jonge also adheres to a 2G policy for catering and events to get out of the lockdown faster. Yesterday it turned out that De Jonge had only sent a negative advice about this from the Council for the Judiciary to the House of Representatives shortly before Christmas. The opposition accuses the minister of deliberately waiting five weeks to submit the report to the House in the hope that no one would read it anymore. A misunderstanding, according to De Jonge.

“In the bill that we submitted to the House, we have incorporated a number of points of criticism and refuted others, as we always do with advice on bills”. If it is up to the cabinet, the 2G rule will continue: “So it is really a bit of a choice: do you want to continue with lockdown-like measures for longer, or are you going to take measures that ensure that we are as open as possible? being able to enter the second part of the winter. 2G is important in this regard,” said the minister.

Immobile seniors living at home

The vaccination campaign is therefore gaining momentum, but there is a group that is lagging behind: people who live at home, but cannot go to the GGD themselves. Minister de Jonge acknowledges that this is a challenge: “There is a part of the elderly that is not very mobile. They then have to be poked at home, by the GGD or by the GP. We are now seeing an acceleration there, too, so that the elderly people who live at home, non-mobile elderly people have been poked before mid-January. A lot of attention is being paid to this.”

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